Integrated amp suggestions for Spendor S5e

Looking for recommendations for SS or tube integrated amp for
Spendor S5e speakers.

Thanks in advance.
You can't go wrong with the Naim Nait XS.
Second Naim Nait - 5i, 5i(italic), XS, or SuperNait!
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Third any of the Naim amps, but you should seriously consider the Bada 222. It is incredibly good. There's one up for sale now for about $350 or so.
I'd agree that a good solid state amp is better for the S5e. (However, I prefer tube amps with the "classic" Spendor series.)

I owned a pair of S5es for a year or two and they worked quite nicely with a Bel Canto S300. BC makes an integrated version of that amp that you can often pick up used for about $1K.
Okay..... I'll be the dissenting voice. I've listened to most of the Spendor line to include the S5e with various Naim. The Sim and Sugden both clearly sounded better. More resolution, dynamics with control of bass and in particular the vocals were more open. Cabling was Analysis Plus Oval Nine.

I await the barrage.
Another vote for Naim integrated. I hang out on the Naim forum and have seen a ton of happy Naim/Spendor users.

I have been absolutely thrilled with my current system:
Naim XS/CD5x/FC2x/NACA5 + Totem Arros.

There are lots of great amps out there. Good luck with your decision.

-- JBGood
Dear fsdaron, if you like jazz and vocals, try to get one of the graff amplifier, I used to drive my spendor s6e with graff 5050 power amp and they were magical.. Never heard a spendor in that sweetness and naturality.. To me, using solid state for the spendor is good but doesn't extract its naturalness to the fullest.. Since itwill be flatter and leaner..cheers..