Integrated Amp Suggestions

Looking to buy a new integrated amp. Needs to have home theater bypass and also ability to connect 2 pairs of speakers A/B. Rotel Ra1592 Mkii and Musical Fidelity M6si 500 are on list so far. Suggestions




100 wpc is plenty of power for any future upgrades. Typically you use about 10wpc


It's amazing how many people don't understand that. With high efficiency speakers, those "flea watt" amps get plenty loud on 5 wpc or even less.

The Creek Destiny has the A/B speakers.  I require this also as I use one system to feed either the speakers on my office desk or out in the shop.  I bought an expensive Luxman integrated that also does A/B. speakers and was very unimpressed with the sound.  It ran hot as hell and didn't sound any better than the Creek to my ear in this system.  I tried the Luxman for a little while in my main system and I thought it was grainy and unappealing compared to my tubes.  Creek Destiny runs cool and sounds amazing for around 1000 used if you can find one. 

Depending on your budget  the best balanced and  built under $20 ktheGryphon Diablo $17 k,    For$6500. Made in USA Coda CSIB integrated  it has by far most current capabilities a huge 3000 vs potted transformer very natural sounding 

and a 10 year warranty imo he best. Deal under$10 k.

I am running Klipsch RF 7IIIs with Audiosource Amp 300 and am VERY satisfied with this 150 WPC amp which has A +B speaker outputs. Might be worth a look.