Integrated amp shutting down

I had to downsize after the divorce and lost my beloved system, BWN803/Classe CA 300 amp, and Classe pre-amp. I picked up a cheap set of Vandersteen 2cis and am trying to run them with a Harmon Kardon AVR 500, which is really a surround sound processor with 80watts. The thing cuts out and shuts down with any volume. I suppose that means, the speakers are trying to pull more power than it can supply?
If that is so, wonder if you guys could recommend a good, inexpensive integrated amp, ss or tubes?
At any volume? Are you sure the unit isnt faulty in some way??? Sorry to hear about the loss of your system.
There are tons of used options for you here to be had on the cheap, cheer up and start shoppin!
How much money?
Joeb if you had to search for an integrated wgat type of budget would you be considering? Since you had Classe before the Models CAP 101,150,151 come to mindand are reasonabily priced here at 'goN. I've got a CAP 151 and it sings great in my system. Hope things work for you.
Make sure the speaker wires aren't shorted. You should also check the speakers to see if the surrounds are rotted.
I am running 2Ci's I just acquired with 75 watts (Electrocompaniet AW-75) and have ample volume with no problems. I suspect the amp or as mentioned a short somewhere.
a cyrus on the gon for 279.......superb
You can't do wrong with the ASL AQ1001DT. It has the tube sound, but also has the better characterstics of SS - and that's with the stock tubes.
Hi Joeb, sorry to hear about the divorce and the system. Been there and it was very difficult. This was a few years back but I managed to negotiate with my ex and get my JBL speakers back from her..ha! That was a long time ago.
I have been trying out integrateds for awhile. My favorite was the Naim Nait 5i but I needed more power. Arcam A85 is good, rather polite. I ended up with a Portal Panache, seems to do everything much better in this price range but You have to live without a remote.
Good luck!
Joeb,wher are you located. I might have some equipment you can borrow until yo're on your feet
Wow, great responses, thanks! Sot I guess the first step is look for a short. I suspect you are right, that is the culprit. Next, if I have to buy, I'm in the $500 range. Rgcards, I'm out in the boonies of Montana, but thanks for the offer, much appreciated. And to quote an old song, the sun will rise again!!!
Turns out it's one of the speakers tweeter. I simply alternated unpluging speakers and the amp works just fine, plenty of volume on 1 speaker. It sounds like a loose coil causing a short, which is causing the amp to shut down.