? Integrated amp, rich warm midrange, tight bass

I have VMPS RM 30m speakers. These have alot going for them, detail, good tuneful bass, etc..etc.Currently using a Portal Panache 100watt solid state and Arcam FMJ CD 33. Good results yet would like more midrange warmth.
I was thinking 100 watts or more somewhere around $1600 used. Possible?
Strange, I think the Portal has amazing warmth in the midrange, compared to NAD it was night and day. I wonder if YBA would do the trick...
Not familiar with your speakers but I also use a Portal Panache and agree completely with Rtilbury. For reference I've owned integrated amps from Audio Refinement, Roksan, Harman Kardon, Denon and Sony. The Portal and the Sony TA-F707ES have the sound I prefer. After having the Portal in my system for a few months now the aspect I've come to appreciate most is how well it maintains its character at low levels.

There is currently a Jadis Orchestra Reference (~50 watts with KT-90 tubes) listed on Audigon (not my listing by the way) for ~ $1700 which you might want to consider. Some people say that particularly with KT 88's its mids are very lucious- warm and liquid.
A pair of Rogue Audio M-120 magnums are listed in your price range... $1,500. They need some tubes...Rogue Audio can fix you up with some EH-Kt88's for a good price.

I have a pair of these monos driving my Apogee Duetta Signatures, solid state qualities with tubed midrange magic.

I intend to write a review on my Blue Circle CS Integrated.

What you want it delivers.
Shoe,The best way to get a warmer mid is to change to carbon fibre interconnect cables like Van den Hul The First or The First Ultimate.The imaging and coherence of these is also superb.This is not a slight change,it is signifigant.
Also if you are using stranded speaker cable try using solid core copper like Kimber.