Integrated amp recommendations with A/B speaker

I'm looking for recommendations for an integrated amp in the $1-1.5K range, new or used that has A/B speaker outputs.

I am considering consolidating two systems into one with the idea of driving two sets of speakers in different rooms with one source and integrated amp.

The source will be a Linn Unidisk-SC, speakers are Linn Katans and Ninkas.

The usual suspects (Linn Majik, Rega Brio, Naim Nait) all have one set of speaker outputs so I'm looking for other ideas.


The HK990 occurred to me also, but it was recently discontinued so there may not be any new stock left. One possible exception: IF you're a CitiBank customer, the CitiDeals website (their 'rewards points' website) still lists new HK990s for $1299 + 700 rewards points. I can easily imagine though that they're out of stock even though the website shows them as in stock.
Thanks for all of the responses!

pgawan2b: Thanks for the caution, I plan to only use one or the other set of speakers, but not both at the same time.

I will have a look at the HK-990 and new Rotel.
I agree with Czarivey's recommendation for the Accuphse E202. I have one and it is great if you want to even A/B/C speaker sets. A potential issue is the screw terminals at the rear of the E202. One would need to find adapters to accommodate newer speaker cables.
Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle has a Linn Majik Integrated (Black Square Version) for under $600 that would work with the Ninkas & Katans. Hawthorne also has a Rega Brio integrated that would also work.

The owner of Hawthorne likes to steer people towards Naim. In that regard, I don't think a Nait 5i pushes out enough power for the Ninkas, but it would work with Katans.

If you're a devout Linnie and able to flex a bit, have you considered getting a Linn Kairn or Wakonda Pre and matching it with a Linn LK140? They are not the easiest separates to find, but they are out there within your price-point.

I'd also avoid the Linn Klout due to the age factor. They tend to run hot and would likely need to be re-capped in short order.