Integrated amp recommendations with A/B speaker

I'm looking for recommendations for an integrated amp in the $1-1.5K range, new or used that has A/B speaker outputs.

I am considering consolidating two systems into one with the idea of driving two sets of speakers in different rooms with one source and integrated amp.

The source will be a Linn Unidisk-SC, speakers are Linn Katans and Ninkas.

The usual suspects (Linn Majik, Rega Brio, Naim Nait) all have one set of speaker outputs so I'm looking for other ideas.


There are (new) models from Yamaha, NAD, and Marantz in your price range that offer A/B speaker selection.
Thank you for the ideas, I will have a look. I actually have a Marantz PL 6004 which is nice. The next model up in the Marantz line also has a/b outputs.

After my original post I remembered that some Creeks have a/b outputs.

Any other ideas?
I went with a Creek 5350SE, primarily for it's high quality and the A &/or B speaker selector.

Highly recommend.
You will need to pay special attention to the amp's user manual because the 4 ohm load created by the Ninkas could present a problem if you intend to drive both sets of speakers simultaneously.

I have a NAD C375BEE which is a very capable integrated that has the A/B speaker settings. Even if purchased new, it is within your budget. NAD, however, does not recommend using both speaker settings simultaneously UNLESS ALL speakers being driven are 8 ohms or higher.

I can't speak for other manufacturers, but conceptually, it would make sense that a single amp capable of driving four separate 4 ohm loads would have to be a beast.

I'm interested to learn what else is recommended.