integrated amp recommendations needed

I started a new post re: integrated amp recommendations - my thanx to all of you who chimed in to my previous post

I’m looking for a used Solid State Integrated Amp in the $400 - $750 price range with a min of 100wpc to drive my Revel M106 speakers which I’m told are hungry for good quality power by the tech at Revel.

I’m apprehensive buying older electronics. Anyone have any pearls of wisdom?

I listen mostly to instrumental classical (orchestral, chamber, some opera) and jazz (small group and some big band) along with some misc. vocals and occasional pop.

I tried to use Stereophile as reference as well as comments I received in my previous post.

So here are my candidates (most of these are for sale at Audiogon):
Arcam FMJ A22 (Stereophile reviewed)
Acurus DIA 100 Mk II or 150 ((Stereophile reviewed))
Plinius 8100
Micromega IA-180
WYRED FOR SOUND MINT (Stereophile reviewed)
Bel Canto Evo2i

Any other suggestions are welcome please try to provide me detail as possible.
My Revel speakers arrive tomorrow and I have no amplification for them.

Thanx so much, Fred

This system is replacing my Audio Research and Martin Logan CLS system I used to have and treasured.
It all got sold to pay for my divorce. I now leave in an apt hence the downsizing of budget and space. No snob story, just trying to move on to my music again.

How about an old Adcom 555? You might find a McCormack DNA-1 for around $800. SMcAudio can update it if funds appear later. The Adcom can be upgraded by Musical Design, too.
I'd love to hear one of those Yamaha integrated amps. The look beautiful and the Japanese are masters when it comes to integrated amps.


The Plinius is the cream of the crop you listed IMHO. I have a friend who owns the 8100 and I previously owned an 8200. They were both recommended by another friend who uses Audio Research tube amps, so you know where the recommendation's coming from.... Really good amps. The Arcam is also probably pretty good. I owned an Arcam Alpha 10 and there's one for sale on A-goN right now for a decent price. It was a good integrated amp and I enjoyed it. But it's not as good as the Plinius.

BTW, my current amp is a Rega Elicit-R Integrated. It's out of your current price range at $1500 +/- $200 used. But it's worth it if you up your budget.
Consider a Creek 5250 SE if you can find one. Beautiful sound. Plenty of power. Remote. I love mine. 

This is just my opinion, so feel free to verify it with a dealer or independent service shop like the folks at . The Plinius 8100 is a typical integrated stereo amplifier. The typical service needs would be something like the replacement of old/failed capacitors or power transistors. This is a simple repair for a professional, as long as the parts are available. Caps are no problem. Power transistors probably would not be a problem either. Where you get into serviceability issues is with proprietary electronics like PCA boards, etc. This is more of a problem with HT Receivers and electronic that have computer controlled switching, displays, etc. The Plinius 8100, 8150, 8200 are simple units that don't have all that unnecessary stuff, so you should be safe and serviceable for a long time to come.
Coming from Audio Rsearch maybe look at Hagel H-80 or Peachtree
Nova 150, or the new Newprime, Peachtree may be to much price wise.
Good luck, and I hope you find the right match!
So I decided on the Plinius Integrated amp...Thanx for everyone's suggestions, happy listening

That's great. Let us know how you like the new setup once you get it up and running.
Plinius amps etc can be serviced in the USA.
3439 NE Sandy Boulevard #128
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 662-8210
I was recently in the same market as you are. I tried the Creek Classic 5350SE, which has a bit more power than the 5250 that tgrisham recommended. I liked it a lot; but eventually settled on a Primare I32; which would be hard to find within your budget. It replaced a Rotel RX1053, which I still have a lot of respect for. Dollar for dollar a better deal than Arcams; I thought. 
Bel Canto and Classe were also on my short list, but I think the Primare has made me a Class D convert.