Integrated amp recommendations for harbeth 30.2 XD

Hi - I'm currently using a Rega Aethos integrated amp with my 30.2 XD speakers.  I'd appreciate your comments / recommendation for a better integrated amp.  Some friends suggest that I consider the Luxman 509II or a Moon integrated.   
Your comments are very welcome!
I have spent considerable time with the following combination of electronics driving HARBETH, and could easily live with it without the least remorse. Especially if you are into jazz and classical. 
A pair of PRIMA LUNA EVO400 MONOBLOCKS, equipped with a matched set of KT150's. Driven by a PRIMA LUNA EVO 400 PRE-AMP.

I'll say no more, but if you have the funds, I strongly suggest arranging an extensive demo. You won't be returning anything. 

Solid state ??- - - - I have always "worshiped" PASS LABS for many, many reasons. Can't afford that.? Take a listen to HEGEL.
Steveashe, the Pass Labs keep eluding me for no good reason. When I was selecting the ultimate integrated last year, it was down to the Pass Labs INT-60 and Luxman L-590AXII. I settled with the latter and was extremely pleased with the performance of the amp in my system. I also run Harbeth (SHL5 +) and Marten Duke 2.

Although I have no urge to make any change, I’m still curious about the Pass, particularly the INT-60 vs INT-25 and INT-250. Is the INT-60 a more powerful version of the INT-25? I am waiting for someone to compare the Pass INT-60 to Luxman L-590AXII and share the impressions here.
I'll give you my experience with my 30.2s from a decent amount of experimentation mixing and matching from different systems in my house, FWIW:

Audio Research REF 40 (pre) + REF 75 (stereo amp) was OK.  Not great.  Too much of an understated sound for my tastes, even though I adore that ARC gear on lots of other speakers.  Needed real volume to unfold and bloom.

NAD M33 was noticeably punchier and, for the first few days, I liked it better.  But there is something that bothers me about this amp, on any speaker.  Hard to nail it exactly, but there is a certain unnaturalness, or artifice, to that amp.  And the Harbeth's do not mask anything, so it bothered me most of all with the 30.2s.  I now have it connected to the much more romantic NOLA Contender 2, and that's a better -- albeit imperfect -- pairing.

Prima Luna HP Premium Dialogue integrated was OK.  Occasionally hard and bitey.  And with some glare.  Especially with KT150s.

D'Agostino Progression integrated -- match made in heaven.  Love it.  Been riding this combo the longest.  All the usual platitudes, which I'll spare you for now. 

From that very limited sample, I might agree with the comment about favoring SS over tubes.  Even though the 30.2s stay in the 6 ohm range most of the time and have no big dips, for some reason they seem to get more expressive with more current.  But making sweeping conclusions based on hearing approx .02% of the world's amp offerings is always kinda dumb.  What I am more comfortable saying is that I'm not surprised so many reviewers use Harbeth in their reference systems; they really tell you what's upstream.  A really impressive speaker.  If you actually want to hear differences between cables, cartridges, DACs, etc, use those speakers.  But unfortunately, I think that means one needs to try quite a few amps to nail the particular sound you're looking for.  (On that note, I suspect what Mr Shaw's real position on amps is not that they all will sound equally GOOD, but that the Harbeth's will be equally REVEALING of most amp's personality.  Two very different propositions.)
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