Integrated Amp recommendations for Avantgarde Uno

does anybody drive their unos with an integrated amp,and with what results?
i am looking in the 5000$ range room is smallish ,only 12x15.front end is sony 999 modified my modwright with tubed output stage.
i tend towards a hybrid :tubed + ss class a but am open to all designs.
Hi Hum4god,
i just swap out my BAT vk-5i with the cary 308 hybrid pre today and i am pretty amaze at the bass and volume control improvement.mentally,i cant accept this cary sound better then my BAT yet,but to my ear it is definitely an improvement.
Sugden-Masterclass or Accuphase E-530.
Both are Class A integrateds and may give you the performance you are looking for.
did anybody try the avantgarde model 5.
seems like an interesting unit.
how does it compare to others ?
any experience?
I've heard the Avantgarde Model 5 with AG Duos. That was pretty good - not as good as expensive tubes, but you can't have it all. Certainly consider the Model 5 - after all it was designed for the speakers.
I heard great things from anAudionote Meishu integrated and Avantgarde with a Radio Shack portable CD as source !!!!

What about a Pathos Twin Towers? or the latest model, the TT? It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of equipment, it has tube pre stage and is Class A, 35 watts of power to drive you into heaven! Remote is also included. Around 2-3K used. There is one in Audiogon right now. Doubt you can beat this integrated. Another recommendation is a pair Op Chip amp monos, your choice on what brand....with a pair of EVS ultimate attenuators for the purest and the fastest sound....About 1K in total, if you get used Monoblocks. 40 watts of speed and directness.