Integrated Amp Recommendations

I am looking for some feedback (good or bad) regarding integrated amplifier options for use with a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozart speakers. My budget is in the $2-$2.5K range. I have read lots of reviews and seen/heard a few products, but I'd like some recommendations from other members. Some readiliy available options are:

Arcam FMJ A32
Primare I30
Musical Fidelity A5, or perhaps even A3.5
Bryston B100 SST (slightly out of my $$ range)

I am also looking for recommendations regarding a combined DVD/CD player with very good audio quality. I'd like to stay in the $1K range if possible.
Consider the Naim Nait 5i. Musical, musical and musical at only $1400 new. Do no under estimate it just because of the price. Compared to the Mark Levinsons and Krells I owned before, the Nait is marvelous.
Auaarons -

My application is for a good sized room with a preference for loud volumes. The VA Mozarts being of average sensitivity, probably would like to see a bit more power than is available from the Naim Nait 5i integrated. I'd feel more comfortable with something in the 100-150W range (8 ohm rating) as a couple of 70W pieces that I've tried were just marginal.
Used Levinson, Plinius, or Krell integrated amp
YBA Passion Integre
Stack of Sim Moon Audio I5 & DVD/CD player?
Stack of Roksan Kandy Integrated & DVD/CD
Stack of Arcam

Some interesting reading:
i would go for an used gryphon tabu wich offers all you ever want from an int.amplifier or even pre/power combination soundwise. it sounds smooth like an tube amp but has the grip and power of transistors (i know a lot of amps claim that but gryphon is one of the few who keep that promise).
Classe. Either CAP-100, 101, 150, or 151. Used definitely under $2,000.
Krell 400xi (2,5 k$), add Cardas or PAD cables to make sound smooth.
Anyone know much about Primare Systems?
I'm seriously considering the I30 which is the new version of the A30.1. The distrubtor Sumiko Audio claims that they're very good quality, very robust powerwise, and well mated to the Viennas musically.
A Tact S2150 with a Stello CDT200 is a killer system for Redbook playback.
if the I30 is anything like the A30.1 was, then strongly consider this amp. Of the brands you've mentioned, the Primare's sound has the best balance of characteristics audiophiles look for in components... it's quiet, clean, powerful, detailed, yet full-sounding...spacious (with good spatial delineation), deep, wide...

After comparing it to the MF A3.5, I realized it was no contest (although, in fairness, it could have been pairing issues, as I heard them in two different, yet similar, systems)

never heard that particular bryston, but as many people on here say, the B60, although very good, could sound a little bit sterile. I don't know if the B100 follows suit.

Arcam - ...not a fan of their house sound...too biased to comment