Integrated Amp Recommendation for My System

Hi. Currently, I am thinking about upgradeing my amp/preamp.
My system is:
JBL L220 horn speakers (Slightly harsh side)
McIntosh C28 (Warm & deep)
McIntosh MC2100 (Warm)
Rega Jupiter CD Transport/DAC (Warm like vinyl)
Rega P2 w/Mods along with Benz Micro ACE
MIT MI-330 Interconnects
Transparent Speaker Cables

I really like the way of sound right now.
So, I am looking for an integrated amp around $1500 USED which is McIntosh like sound(warm).
Separete setups can be ok if they are around the same price.

Any recommendations?
1.- McIntosh 6500, 6900
2.- Gryphon Tabu AT (used)
3.- Portal Audio Panache