Integrated Amp recommendation

I have a 2 channel setup in my home office that I am considering upgrading. It consists of a vintage Yamaha CR-2020 (bought new back in the 70's-but getting a little long in the tooth), a pair of Polk Lsi9's, and a Velodyne sub (which is off most of the time). This setup works very well for me. Although I listen primarily to jazz, (CD, vinyl and some digital) I enjoy many types of music. I am currently considering the following integrateds to replace my aging Yamaha:
NAD M3 (used), NAD C375BEE, Anthem 225, Yamaha A-S2000, McIntosh MA6500 (used), and Cambridge 840A v2.
I am leaning toward new vs used as I don't plan to upgrade anytime in the near future. My problem is that I live in an area that I can't audition ANY of the above.
I would appreciate any recommendations.
Either the NAD M3 or C375 are a good match for your speakers.

The C375 would be a big savings over the M3 and would probably be as much or more than you need with the speakers in your system.
I am partial to British integrated amps like the Roksan K2 would work nice. It sells for $1925.

But to be honest I think I would go for the NAD 375 and save some money. It will work great with your Polks. Or if you want a tuner get the NAD receiver.
Anthem is your best bang for the buck, and it sounds good too.
If U have the money, Pass INT-150
You might just find out that your 2020 beats any of these.
I'd go NAD. I gave mine to my now 19 year old son and I miss it like crazy. I'm running a tube integrated now, but if I ever see a 375 come up used for a good price, I'm going to grab it and put it in my closet to run in the summer time.
I appreciate the compliment on my CR-2020. I should have explained that I plan to move it to the bedroom where it won't get as much use and hopefully extend it's life. I am looking to replace it in my home office setting with an integrated that will provide similar sonic performance (that "70's Yamaha Natural Sound"), but require less maintence than my CR-2020. Thanks
Take a look at used Cayin. Great sound, great value.
I appreciate the responses. What I am looking for is an integrated around 2K or less, with the open, airy, and what I percieve to be uncolored sound that I get from my CR-2020. I also would like to have tone controls or some form of eq as my office doesnt have the best acoustics and some source material requires a slight "tweak" from time to time. I just have no idea what may most closely match my Yammy in sound charistics.
Another suggestion is to look into the new Yamaha A-S500 and A-S700 integrated amps. They have everything you are looking for. Tone controls and variable loudness. They have been getting good reviews in the British press.
I have a Yamaha AX 900U Integrated amp-Black, 160wpc, lightly used, cosmetically excellent, orig. owner. This is the bomb. I was asked to leave a McIntosh clinic beause it blew their machines away(super low distortion, have readouts)It is rarely used now in a 2nd system, never loud. This machine would more than do the trick for you.
I have a naim 5i that I just love. Detailed, fast, smooth...Lots of juice. They go for about 1000$ used or 1750$ new.
You might check out the Harman Kardon HK 990. This is a very different animal than anything else out there. It basically takes all of the audio features of an AVR, but none of the video and includes just two channels of high quality power amplification. It includes a phono amp, but it's really designed to optimize digital sources thru its internal DAC. It also offers full bass management for your subwoofer and digital room correction. They turn up on eBay at $1500 new from time to time.

Good luck

I use the NAD M3 with the Polk Lsi15s with complete satisfaction. Prior to that I used the same speakers with the NAD C372 with complete satisfaction.

I'm my opinion your best option is the NAD C375, which is the upgrade to the C372. Save your money. The M3 although a good upgrade may not be worth the extra money over the C375. Plus the M3 display seems to have a problem with fading out.

Using either amp with the Polk Lsi9s would be a no brainer for me.

The only reason I put the M3 in this system is due to upgrading from this amp in another system.