Integrated Amp Question for a Newbie to the Forum

Hello Audiogon Community!

First time posting to this forum. I’m somewhat of a novice when it comes to hifi audio gear. I’m looking to replace a busted McIntosh MX110 preamp and an outgoing MC225 amp and have been looking to consolidate and upgrade to an integrated amp. My current setup is:

• Jolida JD9 II phono preamp

• Pro-ject 2Xperience Classic Turntable 

• Monitor Audio Silver RX6 Floor speakers 

• CD player to buy soon

• Streaming player to buy soon

For the integrated amplifier, I’ve heard a lot of good things about -

Luxman L-509X and L-590AXII

Hegel H390 and H590

Mark Levinson 5805

McIntosh 7200

We play everything from rock to jazz to R&B, hip hop and everything in between. I’m looking to keep the integrated amp in the sub 10k range and will eventually add the streaming player (I hear good things about the Lumin T2 and the Lynn Selekt) and the CD player. 

Do you all have any recos on what you think would sound good with the setup I have? We like a dynamic and warm sound. Appreciate any advice!


Most integrated amps do not have phono preamps.

You are lucky, your Jolida has both low outputs, and high outputs.
The high output is internally boosted up to line level, thus you can go into any line level input of the integrated amp, aux, tape, cd, whatever the label.

you will need 3 line levels inputs on your integrated amp for your Jolida; CD; Stream.
Ah good to know. Do you think the models I've mentioned are overkill or worth pursuing given the system I have?
Hello, reading your post, I would like to mention the possibility of consolidating the CD player and the streamer, with your CD music stored on a server/streamer.  This not only allows you to concentrate your purchasing firepower on a shorter list of aquisition targets, but you can enjoy mixing music from the CDs with other sources for playlists and the like.  BlueSound provided an excellent entry point for us, and then we upgraded to Innuos.  Very glad we followed dealer advice taking this approach.
Thanks for the intel on Bluesound and Innuous! Will look into it!
BluNode IS the best starting streamer.  It plays most things, easy plug and play. You WILL move up once you're familiar enough with streaming to know what  features you value. They ALL have different hardware  AND OS's. Rip your CDs on the computer ($20 USB disc drive if you don't have one); and store them on a USB drive. That is the easiest way to play them.
Enjoy the journey.