Integrated amp question.....around $1000..could use some help!

  I am looking for an integrated amp and can spend right around $1000.....give or take a little.
I have been out of the hi-fi game for awhile and could use some help.
My speakers are bookshelves 88db sensitivity at 8 ohms and they are on the warm side.
I will be using my mac running Audirvana most of the time in a relatively small room in an apartment.
I was initially going to get a NAD 388 (around 1200 refurbished) or a Nuprime ID-8.
I am looking for the best sound quality I can get and I tend to like detail more than warmth if that helps.
I am currently using my very old Yamaha rxv-2090.
Anyone who has ever used this amp knows it has a very rolled off high end.........very warm, but no detail at all.
before that I had an NAD 3020 (years ago) and liked it a lot even though it was lacking in the power dept.
I have been checking out the used stuff on here and it is daunting to say the least.......
If anyone can give me any input on these amps or the two mentioned above I would really appreciate it!
I have a DAC but it is older so if the amp had one great but but I want the best sounding amp I can get first, and will worry about a phono preamp etc. later.
Obviously I am concerned about reliability with some of the older units...
This is the used list..........Thanks in advance.

Exposure 2010s2
Bryston B60
Creel Evolution 50A
Primare i22
Simaudio i.5
Classe cap-151
Sony TA-A1ES
Rotel RA 1570
Magnum Dynalab MD 308
Wyred 4 Sound Mint
Marantz PM 15s2
Musical Fidelity M2Si

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I should also mention we don't have any hifi stores within at least three hours from here so actually listening is difficult.
I think the Musical Fidelity on your list for would be a good choice. If paired with a Bluesound Node 2i, you could have a quality amp, preamp, DAC and streamer. That would put you at around $1300.
Add the Heed Elixir to your list.
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Take a look at Cambridge Audio CXA80. Pretty nice DAC built in, and it’s much more detailed/ than warm sounding. Enough power for your speakers/space too.

I had one when I was living in an apartment and it worked wonderfully.
Does outlaw pay for these posts?
Based on your stated preferences I’d second the Musical Fidelity M2si. I found it just a bit too bright with my Maggie MMGWs, but it has a very clean, energetic sound that might suit you. I paid $600 for one new at Upscale Audio and kept it thinking I’d find a place for it. I previously auditioned NAD 358 (I think) for another system but found it gave acoustic instruments and voices an amplified timbre. I bought a Rogue Sphinx v.2 instead for Maggie 0.7s. Love it.  And I think DACs should be separate components. So many advances in digital compared to amps. Good luck!
I’ve heard a few of the amps on your list in various incarnations. Seems like you want a neutral, analytical sound more than euphonic so I’d say cross the Primare and Creek off your list. Musical Fidelity, too - but not cause it's warm rather than boring and average/below average sounding. The Exposure I thought was ok but the Simaudio was more detailed and muscular sounding. 
Thanks for all of the input so far!
I'm a big fan of Simaudio gear. Haven't heard that amp but I've owned three Simaudio integrateds, a CD player and two DACs. The sonics, build quality and customer support are exemplary.
There is a Bryston B60 listed here for $765.00. That company has great customer service. You should make an offer on it!
I always recommend the Anthem 225i. The sleeper among the bunch.
Rogue Sphinx. Has the power you need and good resolution.
Wow the outlaw recommendation post was removed - was it really a plant?

I got a Yamaha A-S801. Super fantastic, crystal clear and detailed but not analytical sounding. Came from an 80s NAD receiver with a similar profile that you’re describing on your old Yamaha and I haven’t looked back. 

The yamaha has a hi-res DAC that can be used with the USB from your Mac. Also includes a decent phono pre-amp. Recommended!
Me again. Totally forgot about the Anthem 225; I used to own that! It’s OK, fine, on the same level as the Exposure. But still the Simaudio Moon was a cut above; more engaging with better imaging. I think it’s the best option on your list. This last is of no help but their I7 was also a solid improvement over the I5.
Upscale Audio has the Musical Fidelity M2si for $599 (while supplies last). I bought one for my second system and it’s a great piece!
Seeing as how a recommendation for Outlaw was removed, I would also recommend them, good review and measurements from Stereophile (JA mentioned the DAC was just ok, but looking at the measurements, I doubt you’d hear any coloring/distortion/noise).
NuForce or NuPrime. Avoid new NAD (were wonderful, now reliability is their downfall).
@mzkmxcv just curious do you have first hand experience with the Outlaw integrated?
Another vote for the rr2160 I had one and its a great amp. Pm me if your interested in a Wells Majestic near your budget.
None first hand, but besides reviews, I’ve seen user reviews, including from some I’ve recommended it too, all positive. 
Got any links regarding NAD reliability? I haven’t seen any complaints that are numerous enough for it to be considered a real issue (every brand has lemons).