integrated amp problems

i have a cheap Yaqin MS-20L integrated tube amp and need some possible solutions to a problem. i noticed over the past 2 weeks that the center image of music was pulling to the left side. well today i did some testing and surely enough the left side is 3db louder than the right. i measured with a test tone and a spl meter 1 inch from each speaker's cone. i swapped everything from left to right{speakers,cables,ic's,all tubes} and the left channel still has the 3db gain. i also noticed there is a little fuzz when i gently play with the volume control. any ideas on what the issue is??
Did you swap everything all at once, or one thing at a time? Did you include swapping the left and right inputs from your source?
no, i swapped one thing at a time and i did swap the inputs too.
I suggest you take/send the unit in and have it checked.
I'm not a tube guy, but could BIAS be the problem?
Is this amp auto-bias? Any easy way, like test ports, to check it?
the power tubes are biased manually and i checked them as well.
Did you try to swap tubes from one channel to another?
Swap than driving tubes as well and see the result.
yes, swapped tubes from side to side. thinking there is a bad cap somewhere or the volume pot is messed up.
More likely volume. DC caps are more likely OK since you've biased properly.
You can upgrade your volume for the better one you have now.