Integrated Amp or Receiver suggestion for Prestige 95Fs

Hi. I just purchased a set of these speakers with an NAD M32.  I returned the M32 because the software is utter rubbish and absolutely user UNfriendly.  Anyway, I’m looking for recommendations on either an integrated amp or receiver that would pair nicely with the 95Fs.   I’m thinking possibly Anthem STR or a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400?   Alternatively (and secretly) I’ve always wanted to own something by either Bryston or McIntosh so for them I’d be willing to break it into separate components.  I just want it/them to be complementary.  As this is my very first post on Audiogon, please go easy on me. Thanks!
Agreed with djones51. Stick with class A or AB amps or tube for the Prestige 95F. 
Get a warmer full sounding integrated amp for those speakers.
Immediately buy a Rogers EHF 100 MK2 tube integrated, an amp so good it renders all other suggestions worthless, thus saving you some time.  And please, enough with all these posts!
DJones51/Caphill - Taking your Class A advice, I just set an appointment to audition my 95Fs with the McIntosh MA252 coupled with a Cambridge Audio CXN (V2).  Those together seem to be in my price range and fit all of my needs (power rating; amplification type; balanced XLRs, streaming-only; AirPlay; no additional DAC interconnections, etc. - I prefer simplicity.)  I'm excited to report back the results!  Thanks so much for your opinions.    
Depeche, I have heard the Mac 252 and I was disappointed to say the least there are way better hybrids amps, the build quality and sound quality of the 252 was nothing spectacular in our opinion and the glowing leds under the tubes was such a gimmick also at 28 lbs the amp doesn’t have a massive power supply we heard it clip at another dealers showroom and it wasn’t even that loud.

Compare that integrated with a Unison Research Unico Primo or the higher end Unico 90 the Unico 90 is a newer version of the older Unico series which bested all other $5k integrated amps we tested at the time which included the Luxman and the Hegel..

The Unico 90 weighs 40lbs is also a hybrid with the same power rating of 100watts. Much harder to find then the Mcintosh but really amazing sounding warm, punchy, huge sound stage. Just awesome.

Also the CXN is an okay streamer yes for roughly a $1,000 it is decent but both the CXN and the 851N get easily bested the the Lumin D2.

Hence the original recommendation of the Micromega M100 you get a very warm midrange, incredible bass and a superior dac all for $4,500.00

So before you get seduced by the Mcintosh, look at other hybrids and also consider that just because a device uses tubes it may or not be better then the Micromega.

Also if you are going to look at a straight integrated try to demo the Luxman class A 20 watt even though it is a 20 watt amp it was fantastic we thought the Unison was still better howerver, the Luxman might be easier to find depending on what part of the country you are in.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
If you are looking for a hybrid the Vincent SV-237MK looks interesting it's about $1000 cheaper than the McIntosh.