Integrated Amp Options for Stereo and HT

I have historically had separates in my Stereo/HT set up, but due space constraints, have had to move to good Integrated amps. I'm looking for a high quality Integrated Amp that is terrific at both 2 channel(75% of the time) and HT(25% of the time) to power my Wilson Sophia 2s in a 20' x 30' room. Looking to spend $10k but would be willing to stretch to $15k if I found something really worth it.

I would love to have a transparent sweet top end with an authoritative bottom end. Maybe a touch on the warm side of neutral.

I have listened to the new Ayre AX-5 Twenty and it sounded really good, but have only been able to listen to it on Rockport Atria's and not my own speakers yet.

Also, would like to listen to the new Pass Int-60A, new Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0, and Vitus RI-100, but it is difficult to find dealers that are close.

Any suggestions on which of these IA would sound good with Sophia 2s, and work well in an HT setup, or any other recommendations would be much appreciated.
I was going to suggest the Krell S-300i, but given your stated budget you might try the S-550i. I love the sound of the S-300i and would have one now if I had the cabinet space for it. I have never heard anything Krell that I didn't like.
Thanks Mceljo

I will check it out.