Integrated amp, looking for suggestions & comments

I'm looking for an integrated amp to power my Klipsch Chorus II's (101db sensitivity) and KLF-20's (99db sensitivity). I will be using a EAD CD-2000 as the source. My Klipsch speakers have rework crossovers, so they are not at all bright.

Priorities for an integrated amp:
- Warm like have a tube amp
- Price below $500 (buying used)
- Best performance in that price range

I'm considering the Arcam A65+ and the Audio Refinement Complete and any other that would better these two.

naim nait3 will blow arcam away. nice match with klipsch.
Upgraded vintage.
cyrus,revox,onix,creek........especially the creek
Jungson JA 88D. $400 new. Very minimalist (2 single ended and one balanced input), built like a tank (more like a $1500 tank), good remote. Great performance for the money. On the warm side of neutral with a "mid-hall" perspective.
Try Cairn 4808A.
Much sweeter than Nait
30 watts - first 10 in class A
A nice match would be an older Musical fidelity class a amp...I owned one for awhile and loved it...moved to less efficient speakers so had to change...
Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Phasecorrect & Eril, what difference does it make to be in class a versus ab?
Warm like a tube amp ? why not get a tube amp. Jolita, Cayin, a used Prima Luna etc.

I don't want to wait for the tubes to warm up and I'm not very knowledgable about tube gear.

I feel a little more comfortable going with a decent SS amp.
Vman, you can't wait fifteen seconds for a Jolida 302B integrated to warm up? C,mon man. I use this for a second system and it has been set and forget and trouble free. Wonderfully warm and airy like a good tube amp should sound. Not expensive. Check one out.