Integrated amp: jumpers versus cables

Which is better? I have twice today seen recommendations for replacing jumpers with decent interconnect cables but have also seen reference to higher quality jumpers...
I have an NAD 320BEE amp with Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MkII speakers and would appreciate input on this.
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You'll never know til you hear for yourself.
I would trust the Manufacturer's judgement.
My brother has NAD that originally had factory jumpers made of "U" shape steel rods. Replacing them with short Audioquest jumpers (basically short IC) opened treble.
Whatever you'd like to believe you'll hear, you'll probably hear.
If the stock jumpers are those steel U shaped rods, yes get some real interconnects in there.
I assume we're talking about the jumpers in the pre out/main in section of an integrated amp and not the jumpers on a bi-wire speakers.

If they are designed as kind of an on/off switch to merge the amp and preamp sections together, then how does it affect the sound whether or not you have an IC or jumpers?

What about the integrated amps that work without any ic's or jumpers in their path? Are they inherently better sonically because they operate without any jumpers?
I spoke with Bryston service about this when I owned a B60 integrated. They said don't bother. I tried jumpers anyways, it sounded a little different, but worse. I don't think it will help any....
It has metal jumpers--I think they may already be an upgrade from the originals, not sure. I have twice read reviews of this same amp which recommended going to IC's.

I"m just looking for the best connection possible (without spending an arm and a leg)

thanks to all responders.
I have had countless amps and receivers with the metals jumpers I have Audioquest (made by Audio Advisor) and Pure silver ones and have tried the true Audioquest ones. I have compared them all and they do sound different from ezch other and diifferent depending on unit. Notice I did not say better That is ones onwn call.
You might as well try it. Chances are you'll keep them in and eventually use them for you next integrated. If you even had to ask, chances are you can't stop yourself from getting them anyway.
In my experience it will a difference, one I've always heard for the better. You should find a nice set for under $50. You could also make your own pair. Easy w/a little practice.
I do notice that the 3,000 NAD integrated amp also uses metal jumpers. I find that curious (I mean, if IC's sound better).
01-07-13: Kijanki
"... My brother has NAD that originally had factory jumpers made of "U" shape steel rods. Replacing them with short Audioquest jumpers (basically short IC) opened treble..."

AMEN Kijanki!!

I replaced the rummy factory metal jumpers in a NAD C370 integrated amp used in a prior "B" system, with two aternatives:
(i) inserted the Audioquest jumpers; and then
(ii) quality VDH 6 inch length ICs

Result: in both cases, a large progressive improvement ....(i) just by going to to the Audioquest cheapos; and then
(ii) a more subtle but appreciable further improvement when I upgraded to the VDHs (still have 'em kicking around in a drawer - guess it's time to sell them cuz I don'y use them anymore)

In any case, the factory stock metal jumpers are noticeably inferior.

In fairness, I also professionally modded/upgraded the stock power cord configuration to a quality female connector that permitted a use of quality external Power Cord instead of the crap hard-wired-in power cord that came with the unit. That also made a huge improvement.