Integrated amp into Lightspeed?

I bought a Chang Lightspeed 6600 primarily for protection of my Classe CAP-100 with A/C Master Coupler, Rega 25, Acurus CDP with A/C Master Coupler, and Nakamichi Tapedeck. It seems unanimous that noone feels power amps should be plugged into these types of conditioners but what about integrated amps? I bet most of you will suggest that I trust my ears but I'm driving myself crazy trying to discern a difference. As I said I want to make sure the equipment is protected (I tend to leave everything powered on all the time).

I know I should put in a dedicated circuit; when I do, how do I ensure that the equipment is properly protected?

Thanks for your input.

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I run an integrated into a conditioner in one system and also a HT receiver in another which is also an integrated. There is an improvement in both, so it is worth it. Many of the better conditioners do not limit dynamics. There are even thoses for amps like the Vansevers "Unlimiter" where they went to great length to give you good power.