Integrated amp instead of pre+power ? Good idea?

Does anybody of you, to get the best sound synergy out of the budget and avoiding 2 chassis costs, obtained an improvement going from a pre+power combo to a integrated amp ?
I have a Goldmund mimesis 7.5 + Goldmund SRA amp (that tiny one with the job circuit).

Will it be a good idea to look to an integrated amps instead of taking the risk of changing one of the Goldmund loosing a combo sinergy ?
Thank you

PS.: As somebody suggested me, better to publish my system:
CD : CEC Tl 51 MK 2
Pre Goldmund Mimesis 7.5
power 50+50 W Goldmund SRA (do not need more power)
Speakers: Burmester Rondo 995

Well I'm not familiar with your speakers unfortunately, so I can't give any concrete suggestions for matches regarding integrateds(as far as power and sonic signature goes). Still, I've heard a lot of high end integrateds that have come down the pike. Infact, I've worked in a number of high end retail stores over the years, and have experience with the best. And as far as I've come across, tube, solid state, or otherwise(hybrid?...), that $5k Musical Fidelity integrated has to be the hands down best sounding piece I've ever heard period! I've forgotten the model(s) or whatever, but I'm sure you could do some research. Tubes may or may not sound better with your system, I don't know your speakers. Still, I've never heard better, and the MF was world class.
Hope this helps
Its a matter of personal preference and budget. There are a number of outstanding Integrated Amps Plinius, Jeff Rowland, ML, Musical Fidelity, BAT and the list can go on and on...therefore going with Integrated is NOT a downgrade in anyway. In fact I was blown away when I moved from an MF A3 Pre/power to the Jeff Rowland Concentra II and couldn't be happier.