Integrated Amp ideas for Dynaudio Special 40's

Looking for some ideas on integrated amps for my special 40's. I'm currently using a Peachtree Decco65 to drive these, but my sense is that it's not doing them justice.. Would prefer to use an all-in-one integrated (including DAC), but also open to other ideas.

I'm considering the Peachtree 220se--any opinions on whether this would be a noticeable upgrade to the Decco65?  Also curious about the Nuprime ida-8 and Hegel H80/H90... Would like to keep budget under $1500, and willing to buy used/demo/refurbished as well. Any other ideas much appreciated--
Yes’ my Accuphase A65 ( 60 watts ) drives my Dynaudio Special 25 monitors with plenty of finesse and authority.
My room is 6m X 10m X 3.2 and I can easily do 90 plus db.
Hegel H160
I would consider using an outboard DAC and using a Belles Aria.
I would prefer the above, but there is a Rotel RA1592 (has DAC)list on Agon, it is no slouch.
And again,  without a DAC here on Agon, an Arcam FMJ A38.
These will all do a nice job.  
The Job Int integrated will smoke everything Peachtree makes. The Nuprime IDA-8 isn't even in the same league as the Job Int.

My source components,  OPPO-UDP205 (sacd), Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 w/ Ortofon Cadenza mc for vinyl.

The WYRED 4 Sound was good, but the Luxman gave me better sound in all areas with the above source components.
I have Contour 60s (can’t speak to Special 40s) but assuming similar, I don’t think you can go wrong with Luxman, Naim or Hegel. I’ve heard all 3 and wouldn’t have any complaints.  

After all of this, I decided on a simple setup with a Peachtree Nova500.  The SQ is close to my ears (but at times clearly surpassed) and the benefit of removing 2 components while giving me a home theater bypass for movies and clear advantage with WAF. It’s also 1/2 the cost of most other, better sounding options.  

Overall, I’m happy... for now :-)