Integrated Amp ideas for Dynaudio Special 40's

Looking for some ideas on integrated amps for my special 40's. I'm currently using a Peachtree Decco65 to drive these, but my sense is that it's not doing them justice.. Would prefer to use an all-in-one integrated (including DAC), but also open to other ideas.

I'm considering the Peachtree 220se--any opinions on whether this would be a noticeable upgrade to the Decco65?  Also curious about the Nuprime ida-8 and Hegel H80/H90... Would like to keep budget under $1500, and willing to buy used/demo/refurbished as well. Any other ideas much appreciated--
The Nuprime and Hegel are both well-regarded amps. I might also consider the Rega Brio and the Cambridge CXA60. For your budget, as you say, you can also find a tremendous array of second-hand units including some prestige units.
thanks. Another question: is ~60 watts sufficient, or should I be looking for something more powerful to drive and/or optimize these speakers? 
I just listed a Denon PMA 2000 IVR with 80 wpc and 120 amps of current that would drive your speakers quite well. I was using it to drive 86 db Proacs with ATC drivers.

I’ve compared it to Hegel, Peachtree, Vincent and most recently a Wells Majestic. It’s a substantial amp and a bit too big for my rack so I am going with the 160one.
Dynaudio generally like high current and power.
The Denon is a very robust integrated if you can find one.  It will drive virtually any speaker, double its power into 4 ohms and is very conservatively rated. It also supposedly has a great phono stage  but cannot either confirm or deny as I haven’t used it 
I use a Wyred STI-1000 v2 with my Contour 20s, this gives the 20’s >700 w/channel which more than enough.  
I use the Luxman 507uxII. A great combination. I has a Wyred for sound on them, and it was very dry and sterile sounding. The class D & G amps did not do it for me.
Hi Colinga,

"Another question: is ~60 watts sufficient"?

That will be very dependent on your room volume, listening distance, and how loud you play your music. In some case 60 might be just fine.

I have found that these dynaudios thrive on power. My Luxman is 120 watts/8 ohms, my room 18 x 12 x 9. I have enough power to play loud and clear. 

When I had my Wyred for Sound Sti-500 (250/channel) I had plenty, but did not get the richness, dynaudios are capable of.

I tried a 75 watt tube amp (ARC 75si) and did not get good sound.
I’m curious as to the source components those of you who had Wyred power?  I’m not saying Wyred is not as you describe however my system does sound very good.  My source is Tidal via Bluesound Node 2 (not 2i) through a Schiit Yggi with the analog 2 upgrade. 
Yes’ my Accuphase A65 ( 60 watts ) drives my Dynaudio Special 25 monitors with plenty of finesse and authority.
My room is 6m X 10m X 3.2 and I can easily do 90 plus db.
Hegel H160
I would consider using an outboard DAC and using a Belles Aria.
I would prefer the above, but there is a Rotel RA1592 (has DAC)list on Agon, it is no slouch.
And again,  without a DAC here on Agon, an Arcam FMJ A38.
These will all do a nice job.  
The Job Int integrated will smoke everything Peachtree makes. The Nuprime IDA-8 isn't even in the same league as the Job Int.

My source components,  OPPO-UDP205 (sacd), Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 w/ Ortofon Cadenza mc for vinyl.

The WYRED 4 Sound was good, but the Luxman gave me better sound in all areas with the above source components.
I have Contour 60s (can’t speak to Special 40s) but assuming similar, I don’t think you can go wrong with Luxman, Naim or Hegel. I’ve heard all 3 and wouldn’t have any complaints.  

After all of this, I decided on a simple setup with a Peachtree Nova500.  The SQ is close to my ears (but at times clearly surpassed) and the benefit of removing 2 components while giving me a home theater bypass for movies and clear advantage with WAF. It’s also 1/2 the cost of most other, better sounding options.  

Overall, I’m happy... for now :-)