Integrated amp for Wharfedale EVO 4.2+sub

I’m trying to decide on what integrated amp to buy for my Wharfedale EVO 4.2 (+sub, so sub out is preferred. Most likely it’s going to be BK P12-300SB-PR).

This is the room (~26 sq. meters = ~280 sq. foot). Note – stairway to 2nd floor is open.

Use case: music/TV/movies. Electronic (bassy and rhythmic) music is the biggest priority, refinement and detail is a not that important. Music will often be played at above average to high loudness.

Sources: TV and laptop (Bluetooth for phone connection is welcome, but not necessary)

Budget: £400-£1000 (don’t want to neither overpay, nor cheap out)

This is my first audio system, therefore I’ve been researching reviews of both my particular speakers and also various amplifiers to come up with some options.

The EVO 4.2 reviews do contradict each other to some extent with their amplifier recommendations (which probably comes down to everyone preferring different sound in general), but hopefully you can recommend me something that suits the aforementioned needs.

Here are some options that I’ve gathered:

Marantz PM6007 (£400)

IOTAVX SA3 (£400)

Yamaha A-S501 (£500)

Audiolab 6000A (£650)

Cambridge Audio CXA61 (£750)

Marantz PM7000N (£850)

Musical Fidelity M2si + DAC (£700 + ?)

Roksan Attessa (£995 but there are pretty much no reviews of this guy yet)

Cambridge Audio CXA81 (£1000)

Rega Elex-R (£1050)

Thank you in advance for you answers!


Music will often be played at above average to high loudness.

Sorry to say: None of the above. You will be a LOT happier with a better and more powerful unit. I would up your budget. I would like to see you with a Musical Fidelity M5si but at the minimum a M3si (I have one and it's got some guts but the M5si is a big step up).