Integrated Amp for Vandersteens

I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 1Bs that I hope to replace soon with Vandy 2Ce Signatures. Before that, though, I need to replace my old receiver and am looking at integrated amps. Based on reviews, I'm considering the Arcam A85, Creek 5350, Musical Fidelity A3, and Rotel RA 1070. Though at a different price point, the NAD C370 has also been recommended. HT is not a consideration. I listen mostly to classical music in a room that is 15 x 24. Any thoughts or recommendations?


I used the Acurus DIA-150 to drive the Vandy 2Ce with good results. Can be had on the used market for around $500-$600 which is a steal for such a good remote unit.
Good luck
I've owned many solid-state int. amps over the years from
Arcam's (Alpha 10/5+), Naim Nait 5, Bryston B-60R, Nad , etc., and all have not given me the musical satisfaction that I've been looking for until I decided to try tube hybrid int. amps out. First I bought the little Jolida 30w. 301. For the $, unbeatable for the kind of sound it produces. Lately, I bought a Kora "Explorer SI-90" which is just absolutely fantastic. None of the SS amps I ever tried sounded so good to my ears. I highly recommend you find a dealer which will allow you to audition within your system. I'm pretty sure this would be a good match-up w/the Vandersteen's. (I owned the 1b's for a while. Nice spk.) Just something to consider. Bill
Before you purchase the Vandersteen 2Ce's signatures check out the 3A's, I had 2Ce's before and the 3A's are huge improvement over the 2Ce's.

I've owned both 2CE's and 3A's but never paired them with solid state. They do match well with Quicksilver though and the Quicksilver "mini-mono's" would drive the 2CEs. Another very good match is AES mono blocks using 845's. They produce 22 singel ended watts and create gorgeous music when matched with Vandersteen.
I used my 2ce Sigs with a Musical Fidelity A300 with very good results. I find that they like a lot of power (for solid bass). I'm not sure if the A3 will do it.
Although it is risky to ba a matchmaker, there are two reasonably priced used tube integrated amps to consider: First, Jboeyjus who can be reached as Johnny at phone 518-526-6925. He is selling Aronov LS960i, asking $1350. the same unit I love in one of my systems. Second, Spr123 is selling Aronov LS930i, asking $849. With these self-biasing tube integrateds you will really enjoy your classical music.
I have a friend running Vandersteens with an all Rotel system and his setup sounds as good as systems I've heard costing a lot more.

I don't know anything about the Arcam or the MF, but I think that the Creek will leave you wishing for a bit more power.

Good luck!
Since I've had the vandy 2ce Sigs, I've used the MF A300 and it is good but not great.I feel I'm very close but there is still a strange uninvolving quality present-- and I think these speakers can do better so the search goes on. Note: I'm using Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 wires and van den Hul i/c.
Richard Vandersteen used to recommend the Rotels as the best/cheapest gear for his speakers.