Integrated amp for Vandersteen 2CE signature.

Any suggestions on integrated amp for Vandersteeen 2CE signature?
ASR Emitter II Exclusive Model 2005 is supposed to be quite good but it costs $25,900.00...
Thanks for your input. It feels good to be supported. I guess I should say a thing or two about the equipment I used so far. I tried Jolida 302B/502B and ASL 1001DT (the new silver model). They were gutless. The highs were annoying and sound was bass less. Then I tried CIaudio D200 with various preamps. CIaudios were really good, it’s just I couldn’t afford to match them with good preamp. I tried CIaudio VPC-2, Anthem TLP1, Audio Note M1 and B&K Pro 5. To my surprise B&K was the best. It was a bit too bright for my taste and the bass was not really there. My current budget is $1500.
Has anyone tried Rogue Tempest or Tempest II with the 2CEs? Does the Tempest run very hot?
You might consider the Audio Refinement (or new YBA design) integrated solid-state amplifiers. They are very nice with 2Ce Sigs.

Ultra Fidelis
I heard the Vandersteens powered by the Rogue integrated and they sounded great. Lots of depth,presence, good bass, the sound of drums being struck was very dynamic, timbres were very good.