Integrated amp for Vandersteen 2CE signature.

Any suggestions on integrated amp for Vandersteeen 2CE signature?
I have owned bothe 2CI and 2CE models. I tried both with separates and a few receivers. The Vandys have the ability to sound good with less expensive electronics.

When I sold the 2CIs to a friend and moved them from my relatively small listening room to his very large carpeted living room with an open floor plan, I was stunned at how much better the 2CIs sounded, even with a mass produced CD player and receiver. In particular the bass was extremely powerful at moderate to high listening levels.
ASR Emitter II Exclusive Model 2005 is supposed to be quite good but it costs $25,900.00...
Thanks for your input. It feels good to be supported. I guess I should say a thing or two about the equipment I used so far. I tried Jolida 302B/502B and ASL 1001DT (the new silver model). They were gutless. The highs were annoying and sound was bass less. Then I tried CIaudio D200 with various preamps. CIaudios were really good, it’s just I couldn’t afford to match them with good preamp. I tried CIaudio VPC-2, Anthem TLP1, Audio Note M1 and B&K Pro 5. To my surprise B&K was the best. It was a bit too bright for my taste and the bass was not really there. My current budget is $1500.
Has anyone tried Rogue Tempest or Tempest II with the 2CEs? Does the Tempest run very hot?
You might consider the Audio Refinement (or new YBA design) integrated solid-state amplifiers. They are very nice with 2Ce Sigs.

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