Integrated Amp for V.A. Beethoven Baby Grands

Please help me to find an Integrated Amplifier to pair with "Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Speakers".
Source: Arcam cd17 (will be upgraded later)
Interconnect: Kimber Hero
Speaker Cable: Acoustic zen Satori.
Budget: $2000 (prefer used items)
I'l be very very grateful if you can help me.
I'll be very grateful if anyone can guide me to obtain an Integrated amp. to my VA Beethoven Baby Grand.
with thanks
I have owned Haydn Grands & suspect they are generally cut from the same cloth as your Beethoven's,ie:VERY musical but also slightly Dark in tonal color.I would look for something on the cool side of neutral(think crystal clear sky against snow covered hills),maybe something from Krell like a 400Xi or S300i.
My brother in law has those speakers and drove them with Bryston separates (3bst and bp25) and it sounded very good. I had the B100sst which is very similar in specs and sound. I even borrowed my sons 3bsst and didn't notice any difference (using the pre-out from the B100). My speakers though are the Dyn C1's.

That being said a preowned B100 is above your budget but as long as you get a receipt from an authorized dealer Bryston will honor the 20 yr warranty. I traded mine in for 2400 and it was sold for 2600 almost 2 years ago. The only option I had with mine was the remote.
hegel H100 OR PLINIUS 9100
I've owned Krell FPB and Evo gear, ML as well as ARC reference gear. Lately, I have put together a new sitting room system based around my favorite speaker, the Totem Forests. I decided to try the NAD M3, an extremely well built High Current Bi-polar Class A topology amp. It has turned out to be the equal of my $50K Krell rig or any ML amp I have ever owned. It also has some of the qualities of my ARC gear. Extremely colorful, warm, dynamic, extended and resolving. I could not be happier...the Totems come alive with the power the NAD delivers:)
Thank you very much for your valuable opinions. In our place it is very very difficult to find audiophile gears. After waiting for a long period. found a PLINIUS 9200 Integrated amp. Please give your valuable suggestions about Plinius 9200 - VA Beethoven Baby Grand combination.
Now I have sold my Musical Fidelity A5 amp. and eagerly looking for a new one. Buying new is almost an impossible thing since the MRP is very high in our country. I am looking very eagerly for your expert opinions. Thanks in advance.
Anybody listened Plinius 9200 with VA Beethoven Baby Grands. Waiting eagerly for your opinions.
with thanks
Nobody is going to be able to assure you that you will like the Plinius/VA combination. There are just too many variables. Plinius is a well-resepected and reliable product and I would suspect that if you don't like the way your system sounds with it, the fault lies not with the amplifier. Many people here do not have the luxury of being able to demo prior to purchase. This is either because of location, or they just prefer to buy used and would not dishonestly demo a product at a dealer knowing they were not going to buy. So you are in the same position as many others. You try to weed out products that are known dogs and hope for the best. As I said before, if you are looking for a solid state amp, there is no reason not to like the Plinius. Best of luck in assembling your system.
Thank you very much for your kind words