Integrated amp for totem wind

Got totem wind for use as 2 Chanel and home thater
confused choose amp within $2k used,will save some space so need as integrated !any recommendation
have in mind about krell kav400xi /s300 and plinius 9200
I would go for the Krell 400xi from your list. Another consideration would be naim supernait. Looks like the wind uses dynaudio mid ranges and they love current. Honestly if possible try to demo the integrated in your home. You have to be the judge and jury.
Thanks xti,that what I'm thinking too!
I'm not sure if the driver by dynaudio,all I read that it need SS to run them for good result
Will check out the naim
you have a fine integrated amp already.
why switch?
Hi David, the dk amp been gone, my old system too except cd player !
I'm trying new set up and looking for smaler size but big power:)
so any recomendation?
I drive my Hawks with a BAT VK300xSE. Works wonderful. Maybe you can find one in the $2k range used?