integrated amp for totem dreamcatcher monitors

I just purchased a new set of totem dreamcatcher monitors with a small sub, i had been considering arro and rainmaker alone but this particular monitor sub combination sounded great, i am still waiting for arrival and will have to see how it sounds at home, but i was hoping for some suggestions for an integrated that might work well with these little speakers, i am considering some cheaper integrated ss stuff such as NAD C320bee, or C352, or Cambridge audio 640a. additionally i am considering more expensive ss stuff used like musical fidelity x-150, music hall mambo, or maybe cheaper used tube amp like jolida 40 watt. Despite their small size the Dreamcatchers are very power hungary, they are 4 ohm and not very sensitive, in fact totem reccommends more power for these than for the arros or rainmakers. All commentary over mentioned amps as well as non-mentioned amps is welcome.
Thank you very much
Why I am certainly a big fan of the NAD stuff when budget gear comes to mind. I would say the following Integrateds come to mind in the used arena. (Musical Fidelity A3, Creek 5360SE, Rega Mira, and the Electrocompaniet ECI-3)

Actually my oldElectrocompaniet ECI-3 is in the classifieds now from I guess the Guy who purchased it from the member I sold it to. I upgraded the Binding Posts to Cardas Rhodium Posts which made a huge difference.

Anyway, if you can get the extra funds, I would really suggest checking out the amps I mentioned. If not, get the NAD and enjoy it. I just set a friend up with one mated with some EPOS and it is extemely enjoyable and musical.


NAD C320BEE is a big bang for teh buck

Audio Refinement Complete Alpha is very good.

Teh Cambridge is not bad but the NAD is a little better at that price (but the cambridge may sound great with your speakers in your room).

Try the Audio Refinement if you get the chance though.
does anyone have any experience using tubes with totem dreamcatcher monitors?
Manley Stingray will make these sing.
I'd recommend a used Bryston B-60. I've seen them on here lately for as low as $650, making them one of the best deals in used audio. It was my first "real" amp and it still brings back fond memories, even as I've descended into serious tube lunacy.

I only have the experience with the Model 1's. However, you have some very good suggestions above to consider. I do not see a bad suggestion in the entire thread. Good luck.

My Bryston B-60 was my first "real" amp also...I gave it to my dad to "keep it in the family"...that's how much i liked it.