Integrated Amp for Thiel 22

I have Thiel 22 with McCormack .5 and tlc1. I am considering change of the amp to Integrated Amp. I only listen classical music, no heavy metal or rap. The price range is similar with the used price of McCormacks. Please give me your kind advice. Thakns in advance.
A superb choice (but and expensive one) is the VAC Avatar. VAC "voices" their units using Thiel speakers...and it shows. Other good choices would be used Classe CAP 100 or CAP 150 or CAP 151. Best of luck.
Thanks for all advice. Where can I find Used Avatar? Also can I know its price?
I would post on the "Wanted to buy",couple of months ago there were two, in the same time, and in mean time, check for "VAC" dealers (you can find them through VAC web page)in your area. They may have some "demo" or...? Good luck!