Integrated amp for Synchrony Ones

I auditioned and purchased a pair of Synchrony Ones and am now looking for a well matched integrated amp. I'm on the fence between going with a somewhat powerful tube amp (thinking Rogue Cronus Magnum) or a more powerful SS integrated like a Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 or Plinius Hautonga. My budget tops out around $3k and I'm unable to audition anything so I'm trying to make as educated a decision as I can without actually listening to the amps.
If you have experience with the Synchrony Ones please offer your thoughts on appropriate amplification.
The Synch. One's need high current to drive them to their fullest. The impedance drops to near 2 ohms in the lower frequencies which is a problem for some tube amps. The 2 SS amps you listed would match up very well with this speaker. These speakers are capable of lush, dynamic sonics and deep tight bass with the right amp.


As far as the Rogue Cronus Magnum, I suggest you call Mark at Rogue and discuss the specs of the speaker. I would think you need more power, like an ARC for example.
I have head them sound very good off higher power Audio Research and Rogue tube amps but I suspect they are designed to do best with higher power and current SS amps.

I would choose a well regarded 250 w/ch or higher SS Class D amp if it were me. If you have not heard a good Class D amp you owe it to yourself to check one out.
You want an amp that can double power output from 8 to 4 ohms and similarly to the extent possible from 4 to 2 ohm. That is not likely to be a tube amp. Class D amps are very efficient allowing for smaller size and less power draw to do the job and the better ones designed with more robust power supplies are likely to do best.

Having said that, the 80w+ tube amps I heard sounded very good indeed with those but if it is the best performance one seeks beyond just good sound, particularly in the bass, more power and current is the ticket and Class D a very efficient, practical and potentially cost effective way to achieve that.
I've been looking into A and A/B SS integrateds mostly so I don't know much about Class D. Do you have any Class D amps you recommend?
Do still look into that Classe CAP-2100 that I mentioned to you. The one I found that I told you about for $2k does look like a good deal! Compare it to the ones on Audiogon at $2700 and $3000.

As for digital integrateds, you could check out the new Peachtree 220se. I am currently using thier Nova Pre/220 Amp combo which just got replaced with the 220se Integrated. It looks like a nice piece. My experience has been that the Nova Pre/220 combo has great bass control and slightly sweet and airy detailed top end!

Parasound is also coming out with a new Halo Integrated that looks to have similar power to thier Halo A23.
Cool - I emailed the guy about shipping the classe and haven't heard back. Some people are wary of shipping on Craigslist - especially since it says "beware only deal locally!!!!" Right on the page
Something along the line of. Bel canto c5i maybe.

I always like classe amps as well when I hear them ( not class d).

There is a Danish company gato that makes a very nice looking 250w/ch class d integrated but not sure how to find that one.
It's harder to find integrated amps that double power to 4 ohm than it is separates. But they are out there. 3000 budget might limit options.
If you are serious about that Classe I would try to help facilitate the deal if need be :)

I honestly do t know much about that particular amp, i just know that I have really enjoyed all the Classe gear I've owned. If you get serious about it you might want to start a thread here on audiogon and get some feedback from actual owners of that amp. Also check out the reviews on thr dac section of the Classe. It does look like a nice piece and is something that I would personally consider!
I got in touch with the guy selling the Classe and I think I'm going to buy it. I read a review for the amp in Soundstage where the reviewer used Syncrhony Ones and reported that the amp handled them well - and I've seen nothing but positive reviews on the amp. Also reviewers say the amp is on the smooth side of things (I don't have the audiophile lexicon down) which in my scouring of Synchrony One reviews seemed to be a trait that was often recommended as a good match. Without being able to audition anything right now I think this is a good bet. Thanks again!
Also I found a chart in a Swedish magazine that tested the impedance of the classe:

8ohm: 135W
4ohm: 245W
2ohm: 435W
1ohm: 700W
(it actually listed 5 different readings by degrees which I don't understand)

So while not exactly doubling it gets pretty close. It seems like 435W at 2ohm should work well - I think the Synchrony Ones bottom out around 2.5 ohms or so.
Knowing these speakers, I would think that 4ohm:245W,
2ohm:435W is a good match.

Also reviewers say the amp is on the smooth side of things

That's good. I should have mentioned that you don't want an amp that is forward with extended highs. A smooth sounding amp should produce some natural sonics with these spkrs.
Congrats! I'm slightly jealous, which is a good thing in your case. I think you'll be happy with it. Class makes very solid gear. It's going to feel like a more substantial (built like a tank), higher end piece compared to the others mentioned. Do get back with us once you get it up and running. Combined with your Synchronies, you'll have a very nice rig. Well done!