Integrated Amp for Stratus Goldi

Interested in any thoughts or experience on integrated amp to drive a pair of Stratus Goldi. Room size is about 20'x25'. Have listened to Electrocompaniet ECI-4 in dealer's room. Also, looking at Roksan Kandy, NAD C370, and Denon PMA2000. Have considered Creek-5350SE but was told that I need a more powerful amp. Appreciate any advice.
Definately need more power than the Creek will supply. With a nominal imnpedence of 4 ohms and that room size I think you should be looking at significant power. The last time I heard a pair they were mated to a Bryston 4B amp and were in a slightly larger room. Plinius integrated would be another product that bears investigation.
Perhaps a McIntosh or ML?
The golds love power. I tried four different amps: denon avr3600, adcom 5500, some 2x125 brand i cant remember, and an EAD PowerMaster 2000. By all measures, the adcom and the powermaster were amazing, with the powermaster sounded far far better (hence its amazing reviews). Dont bother with anything less than an amp conservatively rated at 200 watts. Biwire these for best results from the great midrange and punch bass.
I would look into Plinius. I think they would provide enough power for that speaker. I know they are very power hungary.
My Goldi's mate very well with a McCormack DNA-225 (though not integrated). They do, as others have said, like and will fully use a lot of power. Unlike the experience of Leftistelf, I had better success with AZ Satoris in a single-wire plus jumper (also Satori)config. I did a comparison and got a much more dynamic sound AND better bass punch using the single-run than the biwire set and saved a few bucks in the process.