Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1

Just got a pair of Sonus Faber olympica nova 1, I have a pass labs int60 amp but WAF is very low. I am looking for an integrated amp with similar sound as the pass but with high WAF.


Any suggestions.


Seems like she warmed up to the sound when you switched to the Pass. She’s an audiophile! You should explain that the amp is beautiful because of the sound quality it provides.  I’ve heard that the Pass/SF combo is a good one.


Why would the wife pick the amp out?  I have brought dozens of electronics and speakers through my living room over the past 35+ years in our current home.  My wife never, ever once complained, she couldn't care less.  When I got the Triton Refs, I kept telling my wife while I waited the 6 months, they were going to be big.  When I set them up, not a peep about the size.  I would never have to say anything to my wife, she knows it's important to me and that is ok with her.  I guess I am one of the lucky ones.  

If I were the OP I would talk to my wife and explain that the Pass amp is matched pretty good to his speakers or something.  Let her know it's important to him.  If he is a "yes dear" kind of guy he hasn't a chance, but if he questions, who knows?

Check out Simaudio 600 i V2. I have 340 I paired with Sonus Faber and it’s a great combination 

@stereo5 that was sarcasm. My wife stays out of the audio-den. She is afraid of that room. LOL.