Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1

Just got a pair of Sonus Faber olympica nova 1, I have a pass labs int60 amp but WAF is very low. I am looking for an integrated amp with similar sound as the pass but with high WAF.


Any suggestions.


When I had my Sf Olympica Nova 1 I had it paired with the Simaudio 390 Pre and dual 330A  bridge mono. Loved it then moved on to tubes. Had the MC 252A and hated it. The Pathos Lagos worked well with the Nova 1 also. 

+1 for Pathos.  +1 for dekay, but I'd suggest even darker glasses.  Good luck, OP.




For looks and sound Pathos is a great choice.  I’d look at an Octave V70SE cause it probably sound evens better if it meets with your wife’s standards.  There’s also divorce, which is more expensive but has lots of other benefits.  Just sayin’.