Integrated Amp For Snell Type J's

I'm seeking suggestions for a relatively inexpensive (less than $1500) integrated amp to use with a pair of recently refurbished circa 1980 Snell Type J's. This will be a secondary system for both vinyl and CD's. I would consider used gear. Thanks.
Are the Snell Js new to you or have you lived with them a while? I, until 8 years ago, had a pair in my main system and loved them, still have them in storage but for the 18 years that they were in my system I had them biamped with a pair of B&K ST 140s and loved them. Just before storing them and moving on in my new system build I lowered them briefly with a Jolida 302 BRC amo and that was really nice. Mine are the J2s.
A used Plinius Integrated Amp, tube like in sound and can drive most speakers, some are available with a built in phono for vinyl.
They are original Type J's. I used them as primary speakers for about 30 years. They retired around 2010, and I recently replaced the tweeters and crossovers. I tried them with a mid 60's Scott Integrated tube amp, which just didn't have the power to adequately drive them. Now I've been using a 35 plus year old Luxman 3555 receiver, but one channel has died, thus the need to replace. As you can see, when I fall in love, I stay in love! I don't follow audio closely unless I'm pondering a change, so all suggestions are really helpful and welcomed.
I have Snell AIII's, E's and J's! How about the Carver Receiver? I have two in my collection. Excellent SQ - and affordable!
i like matching 80s speakers with amps of the same vintage, so i like roberjerman's suggestion; otherwise a kyocera receiver or a harman integrated like the pm660
Thanks for the feedback. I do like the idea of keeping components of like vintage if possible, but we shall see. I may end up using an Onkyo A 9555 Integrated that I have which would probably be fine with these ancient Snells.. 

I’ve used that Onkyo with Snell E lV. Great combo. Classe used to be great match with Snell