Integrated amp for Paradigm Studio 20'S

Hi:need advise for an used integrated in the $700 area to match paradigm studio 20's,already tried the audio refinement complete and the mids were too prominent,thx
If that is the case with Paradigm-Audio refinement match up, i would suggest you to try Linn Majik! One of the best integr. amps under 2k. Check, than "click" on Audio, and than go to "Archives". There, you can select the category for "amps-integrated etc". I don't suggest you to make a desigion, based on one the one review, only. But just to get an idea! Good Luck!
my local dealer mates the studio 20 with the nad integrated and uses nordost blue heaven interconects and speaker cables .the cd is the nad 540 .the int is i think about 799. new and the cd is 699. this one of the best budget combos i have ever heard.i used to have the old studios but with much more expensive electronics .these are some of the best speakers for the money.