Integrated amp for Nola boxer

Looking for a nice match for the boxer. Speakers in a somewhat largish area because living and dining flow together. Mostly listen to Rock, live events and some acoustic stuff. This is also used as an A/V system, we watch a little TV though this system and the equipment is located in the stand below the TV. I have a few integrated amps mind at about the 2k new range... First up is the Primaluna PL Premium, Then the Vincent 236Mkii, and for the SS option the Naim 5i. Anyone running one of the with the Boxer, and would it be a problem with heat and tubes if the amp is in the cabinet under the TV of coarse the door wound be open when playing the amp. Any recommendations appreciated, it does need to have remote vol and input switching...
I like the PrimaLuna gear a lot and am running an original Prologue with Reference 3A speakers. Very nice combo. Think it would work well with your boxers!
Anthem 225