Integrated Amp for my Audio Physic 2 speakers

Integrated amp recommendations for my beloved Audio
Physic 2 speakers. What will take advantage of their magical dissappearing act? I can spend up to $2000; but of course I'd rather spend less!! How about it, audiogoners?
Love Audio Physic speakers. They image well, are fast and do vocals so well. There is a Sugden A21aL integrated on the 'gon for $1550. I own the big brother and it is quite good with imaging, vocals, acoustic instruments and piano. 20wpc...but class A really kicks it hard.
I've used a Plinius 8200 and Jolida 302b to good effect with my Audio Physic speakers. The Plinius is more forceful, the Jolida more lush. It depends on your listening preferences, but both worked well.

I was torn between my ATM-3s and a big SS amp.The 55W triode was magical,but didn't control the bass.The inverse was true with the SS amp.
In a reasonably sized room,I might try the PrimaLuna PL2.Do an inexpensive "tube roll" on the 12ax/au7s and enjoy.
Bryston BP-60, well under a grand. Brystons always a smart move. Some have well over 10 yrs warranty left!
Any decent solid state amp will run Audio Physic well.
First time I heard Avanti's they were on reference tube gear. I had no interest at all, and happy with my Virgos.
Next time in the store, they were running on a 50 watt solid state integrated amp, entry level high fi, and I bought them on the spot.
I run a Bryston B60 with my AP Yara Evolution Bookshelves. Its a fantastic match IMO.

When demoing, I also heard them through a McIntosh MA6500. It was equally good IMO. Different, but just as good.

Relatively speaking, the B60 is more forward, detailed, and leaner. It sounds a bit faster. The Mac's soundstage is set back further, smoother, and warmer.

Both are very musical and involving. They're just different. It all depends on what you're listening for.
If you're interested in tubes, the Manley Stingray would also sound very good w/ APs.