Integrated Amp for Monitor Audio RS6

Hey guys,

I've decided to move away from my 5.1 surround system and focus on stereo. I'm wondering what, if any, integrated amps you have used with the Monitor Audio RS6 speakers? I'm trying to whittle down my list. I'd like to spend somewhere between $1k and $2k.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Any tube amp by Rogue, Prima Luna, Audio Space, Cayin or Jolida. I am basically saying I think the sound best on tubes, in my opinion.
I know tube watts are different than SS watts. How many do you figure I would need to power these speakers. I usually don't see too many tube amps powering floorstanding speakers.

Thanks for your help
Ok, I've narrowed down my selection to:

Krell 400xi
Primare I30

Has anyone had experience with any of these combinations? I'm also open to other suggestions.


I forgot to mention I am also going to use this amp as a HT pass-through. I have an older 5.1 receiver that I may use on the rare occasions that I watch movies.
Don't forget to include the Cambridge 840A.
I have read some places that the 840A could sound a little harsh. Then again it wouldn't make sense why I have the Krell on there.

I am basically looking for a warm sounding amp that has pretty good extension and definition at lower frequencies. I'm afraid that pairing a bright sounding amp with these speakers may not sound that good. I recently had an Arcam AVR280 receiver that sounded quite good with these. I wanted to take a step up in 2 channel so I sold the receiver. I know I like the Arcam sound, but is there anything else out there?

I'm looking to spend around $1500 used on this (give or take $500)

fyi: I am going to connect this system with a slim devices Transporter for most of my music listening.

I went and heard the 840a yesterday and I was less than impressed. The highs were harsh to my ears and I felt the sound was somewhat unengaging.

I've been looking around and am wondering if some ss integrateds with lower power will give me nice tight and controlled bass.

Nait 5i
Bryston B60
Creek 5350
Primare I21
MF A3.5

Any thoughts?
Primare builds some fantastic gear that doesn't get a whole lot of press. I'm an owner of their CD21, which is a fantastic sounding and very well built cd player. I had the chance to listen to a CD21 paired up with an I21 hooked up to Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands and I thought the system sounded stunning. I would try to listen to a Primare I21 because I've found their gear to be smooth in presentation.
Ok, just to give an update (not sure if anyone cares, but it might be helpful for someone in my same situation).

I went an auditioned a bunch of amps including:

Primare I21
Naim Nait 5i
CA 840A
Arcam A90
Creek 5350

And, the clear winner was the Naim Nait 5i. I was afraid that 50 Watts would not be enough to power my speakers, but after having a home demo, it is plenty. I probably would never have the volume dial past 12 o'clock, which is very loud. The sound with the Naim was controlled, tight and engaging. Every other amp I auditioned was lacking in some department.

So, if you're hesitant to buy this amp because of it's extremely conservative power rating, don't think twice about it.
I actually like the Rega Mira with the RS6s as well... (or even the Brio, which to my ears has plenty of power for them too). I personally use the Creek 5350SE, since my budget was a little lower than yours, and I love it.

Enjoy the Naim!

Try a Plinius 9200. Love mine.
Why tube amps aren't on your list if mind boggling with the S6's.
If you can find one to listen to, I would audition the CEC AMP3300R. CEC is not that well known, however they make well built, great sounding equipment that is a real value. There are some reviews out there on the web.
Good luck and have fun.