Integrated amp for less than 2k

I'm trying to decide between the Bryston, Electrocompaniet, and Linn to drive small bookshelf speakers ie. Linn Tukan any help is appreciated.
If your speakers are Linn Tukan, don't hesitate to get Majik. They are made for each other. Linn Majik is one of the BEST Integrated amp's under 2k new. But on the used market, you would be able to find one around 500, line stage. In Majik-Tukan "combo" you will find "musicality" with "feast" of detail. Good luck!
Check out the Anthem Integrated 2. You can probably find one for less than $1200, and it has some nice features.
If you like tubes.I have been told the Rogue tempest is very good.I have not heard it yet.If its like any of their other stuff you will be pleased.
You're in luck. We are in a "Golden Age" for integrateds! From Classe to VAC to ARC to many others...there are models that are better than most seperates of a few years back. Enjoy the search, and don't be lead too much by what other responders happen to own. Also, don't forget the new Magnum Dynalab MD-208 Receiver...just superb! All the best, J.D.
...He, "Nparbat", asked the specific question! The choices are: "...Bryston, Electrocompaniet and Linn...", to "drive" Linn Tukan, small bookshelf.
There are several good choices under 2k - Personally I would stay away from the Brittish units (don't take it personally guys), and go for a Classe Cap 100 or Cap 150. Their build is second to none, and have a wonderful presentation - my two cents.
YBA Integre DT or Used Plinius 8150
Ercoli Why? Why not British, or French or Chinese...? I mean i am just curios, is it some "boycot" going on that i am not aware of...? Please advise! Thanks!