Integrated amp for less than$2500,your suggestion

Hi, I have been contemplating of buying a better Integrated amp to replace my NADC370. I would prefer warmer,smoother
,musical and full-bodied sounding unit.My budget is for not more than $2500.My system:Quadral Ascent850,3 way-floorstander,89dB(4-8ohm);Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC(harmonic tech);AhNjoeTjoeb 4000CDP(Amperex7308 tubes,Upsampling). Your suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks in advance
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

Simon...For the money, I don't think you can do any better than the Xindak 6800 or 6900 integrateds. Let me know if you want any details.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I thought I saw a JRDG Concentra I for sale here on A'gon for $2,500. It matches your desired sonic description. You also might consider an Audio Research CA50. Good luck!
Warm, Smoother, Fuller, Musical?!?!

Dude, you just described what I've been with for over a year and a half- and that's a long love affair for an amp in my house.
The Rogue Tempest.
Remote Volume (nice, solid Aluminium)
Switchable Triode/Ultralinnear operation
Switchable 4/8 ohm operation.
Removeable power cord.
Uses 4 6550/kt88/kt90 (or el34, but not advised by Rogue)
Automatic bias,(no tube biasing)
2 12ax7 Tubes, 4 12au7 (probably cost less than 1 genuine pair of Amperex 7308s)
Fan cooled.
And the best company that I've ever dealt with.
When you call, you get the Owner. Every time.
Nice guys, great products (check the reviews).

Anyway, No, as Fs audio is in the business of selling audio gear, I am not. Just a satisfied customer that's tried lots of products. The Rogue makes me smile, everytime.

good luck.
VTL IT85. I used to own an NAD 340C, and the VTL was SUCH an awesome upgrade. Exactly what you are looking for: fuller, bigger/full-bodied, and smooth.
I have a Metronome Technologie MT-100 Signature integrated amp for sale on Audiogon. It is a dual mono 100 watt class A amplifier that is very musical as well as dynamic. I was using it with Soliloquy 5.3 speakers and a YBA cd-3 cd player. I would be happy to give you more information on what I consider to be the best used integrated in your price range.
YBA Integre DT. You can do this baby new, in your budget, with room to buy a nice AC cord. I think it's the best SS 50 watts out there. I just sold mine a few months ago. I had the original Integre without the dual transformer. Check this baby out. Beautiful construction, maticulous innards and wonderful sound. Put it on your list.
Warm, musical, and full-bodied is exactly how I would describe the new McIntosh components compared to a lot of others. There are many happy owners of the integrated MA6900 and MA6500 on this site that rave about them. I would suggest you check them out too. They will be in your price range if used. I have McIntosh separates but if I were to get an integrated, I would get the 6900. Sounds like you like a similar sound as me so Classe 151, BAT 300x, and JRDG Concentra are also possiblities. I just like the McIntosh sound the best however - and the meters are awesome at night. Happy hunting! Arthur
Disclaimer: I'm the guy at Portal Audio.

Please read Sam Tellig's review of the Portal Panache Integrated in the February "Stereophile". Also see Wes Phillips' (December)review in
I just picked up a Plinius 8200 mkII for about $1800. To my ears it has the sound you describe. I have read some head to head comparisons that place it behind the Concentra, however. 8200 also comes with a nice built-in phono stage and has HT passthrough capability...very nice!
Hi Simon-
Save yourself $1300 and check out an Audio Van Alstine OmegaStar 200 Control amp. Just wonderful sound that will compare favorable with anything mentioned here. I don't have any monetary interest in Frank's business, I'm just a superbly satisfied customer of many years. Check it out at:
E-mail me if you have any questions,
Give the Jadis Orchestra Reference a try , you will find warm, smooth, musical sound.
For that price, Musical Fidelity, Plinius, Arcam. I have an Arcam A32 (100W) and it is great, lots of detail, subtle and able (I am driving a pair of B&W N805s). Although I am now thinking about upgrading and am torn between the Mcintosh MA6900 and the YBA Passion Integre.
I second the Plinius 8200 Mk II.
All you SS guys should really, really, really check out a well designed tubed pre/amp or integrated.

You really can't get that kind of musicality, warmth, smoothness in solid state unless you're talking 5digits, and I don't mean to the right of the decimal.

I heard the Old Integre DT, and, while it is a neat looking, great sounding piece, I would NEVER describe it as warm.

Now, Dr. Simon:
You took a chance on the Tjoeb, and I bet you preferred it?

Why is that?
Thanks Gthirteen. Like to know about the sonic characteristics of Old Integre DT(stands for ?)and where can I find one? well, I would propably get Heart6000 if I had knew months earlier. It was simply my first Tube-drive CDP upgarde from my 10 yrs old Philips850mkII and I am satisfied with Tjoeb4000.Please tell me more if you have additional opinion and suggestions and thanks in advance
Thanks Egoss,and sorry for delay in getting back to you.Please tell me about the sonic characteristics of the amp.Hopefully this would be a significant upgrade from my NADC370,although with smaller power(wattage)
I had the YBA Integre', and was very satisfied. I sold that and bought a McIntosh MA-6500. This will be a keeper. It is perhaps the best piece of audio gear I've ever owned.

Superb sound, powerful, beautiful, and fantastic function.

Hope this helps and best of luck,
Bennett, I'm just curious. Since you owned the Integre and seemed very happy with it, did you investigate (listen to) the Integre's big brother: the Passion. That was the move I made. Integre to Passion. What did you like better about the Mac? I listened to almost everything out there, and the Passion, for me, was hands down the winner over just about everything out. I've owned the Passion for 5 months, now, and I...hey, what can I say: I feel as you do--peace, warren
Hey Bennett, I should have looked at your "system." Now I know why you didn't buy the Passion, or consider it. I didn't realize you had a particular budget. That's cool. Makes sense. The Passion is far superior to the Mac ( for me), but I'm surprised, given you only have 100 watts, that you're not longing for MUCH more power, plus a sub. I've owned Maggies, and loved them, until I moved and didn't have the room for them. 100 watts is, merely, a tease for those babies. Wait to you hear what 400 watts can do, with bridged Brystons or bridged something. peace, warren
Classe CAP Integrateds. I heard the 101 and it was all that you wanted.
I own one and I love it. It matched very well with my Merlin VSMs...

Another vote for Jadis Orchestra Reference
The above should read that I have a Joule Electra VAMP integrated running my Merlin VSMs... It's a great match with those speakers.