Integrated amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars

I'd be grateful for recommendations on a suitable integrated amp to match Joseph Audio's Pulsar speakers. They are currently being driven by a Musical Fidelity M6i integrated but am looking for more punch and finesse.

Would MBL's Corona C51 integrated represent a big step forward? Or perhaps the new Krell? Budget is US$6,000. Thanks in advance.

PS space constraints dictate that it has to be an integrated
In addition to those you mention, the Hegel H300 may be another good candidate. The Absolute Sound has a glowing review:
I've heard the Pulsars - very nice monitors.

Have to say I honestly haven't been impressed by any Musicial Fidelity electronics. Just not my sound.

An amp I've heard many times (and bought the power amp version of) is the ATC SIA2-150.

Up the solid state chain, I'd look at Ayre, Gamut, Plinius.
Heard the Pulsars with Hegel H20 amp. Sounded very nice. How about the Hegel H300 integrated? Great reviews- solid state, but musical. Fits into your budget-powerful enough and has a Dac, I believe.
Thanks for the tips.
Pass Labs integrated or Gamut integrated would be nice improvements I would imagine.
Great suggestions guys - thanks very much! I hadn't thought of Hegel but now it'll be on my radar.

The other option at roughly the same cost of course, is to add a Musical Fidelity M6 power amp and biamp the speakers...