Integrated amp for Grand Piano

I'm using a CLasse CAP-100 to drive the Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and found the sound to be little warm and uninvolving especially in faster pop and hard-hitting rock tunes.

Was thinking of getting a used Krell KAV-300i. Any other options for a brighter and more upfront integrated amp that will be a better combination with the Grand Pianos rather than the laidback Classe? I'm on a tight budget.
It's not the amp; You can describe Classe any way you want but "laidback". The Grand Pianos are very non dynamic speakers, excellent on vocal jazz and symphonic music but you'll never get them to sound good on rock musick regardless the electronics let alone the amplifier you are using.
Happy listening!
Nicolae has a point. However, I would try the Perreaux Radiance integrated - which has crisp leading edges without any grit, grain or brightness. It has plenty of power and a very high damping factor that ensures the rhythm of the music is not lost.
I had a Sim Audio I-5 with Grand Piano's and was happy with the combination.
Thanks for the info guys. Damn looks like I've chosen the wrong set of speakers. Should have considered getting the B&W CDM 9NT earlier instead.

Anyway I still haven't lost hope yet and will be swapping my Classe with the KAV-300i to see if things will improve. Just hope the brightness/harshness and the forwardness of the Krell will remedy the situation.