Integrated Amp for Girlfriend?

Hi Folks:
I want to get an integrated amp for my girlfriend and would value any advice or recommendations. I hope to spend anywhere from $400 to $800 and am open to new or used stuff. I'm particularly interested in an aesthetically cool looking unit - I am considering the Blue Circle CS integrated, for example. She would be very open to tube designs too(she loves my tube gear). Thanks!
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You wanted to get an intergrated amp for your girlfriend? I'd be happy to give you one for her. Is she nice? Krell or Rotel?
If you REALLY love her, get her a YBA Integre Passion (around $4,500) :-)... Seriously, the YBA Integre single transformer may be a good solution if you can find it used...

The Audio refinment is a great deal as well... Even if purchased new.

Happy shopping
BTW I saw the blue circle int. at the recent HES show and it had 3 different kinds of wood for each of the 3 knobs- particularly cool loooking , I thought-
Get her the Creek 4330R, a good power cord and a Highwire Wirewrap. Good enough is hard to beat...
Agree with Sugerbrie, the Blue Circle CS is a nice little unit at a fair price. Been using one with a pair of Spendor S3/5s and very pleased. Lack of a remote minor issue for me.