Integrated amp for Gallo Reference 3

I've been wanting to upgrade my current integrated amp and was wondering if anyone had any insight into which integrated amp would pair well with the Gallos. My thoughts were Musical Fidelity's A5, or the Plinius 9200 and possibly the krell 400xi.
Any other suggestions. Anyone currently running an integrated amp with their gallos that rocks their world?

Thanks in advance,

The Plinius 9200 is the star in your line up. It will smash the Krell in every way. It will also be richer and have less grain than the Musical Fidelity. Another great one is the Classe 150 (new model is not worth the money) and the Arcam FMJ. The Plinius 9200 has every strength of all the others combined with none of the short comings.
Thanks Duane. That's the one I've been leaning towards. Just wanted a second opinion.

Duane, I bought the Plini 9200 and it is delivering absolutely beautiful sound. So refined, so smooth (but not too smooth). Truely a wonderful integrated.
Thanks for your advice, you were absolutely spot on.