Integrated Amp. for Fritzspeakers Carbon 7

So far I was listening Carbon 7 with NAD C275 and Rogue Audio
Perseus Preamp tube preamp. Bass is deep and tight but highs
are kind of rolled off, maybe because of tubes. Anyhow I want
it replaced with good Integrated Amplifier. I was thinking to
try with NAD M3. Any other suggestions, I would really
appreciate opinions. Thanks in advance.
The Scan Speak 9500 on your Carbon 7's drop off sharply above 15kHz. In other words, tt's not your gear. It's the speakers.

If you want to get a bit more 'bite' out of the treble, I would advise pairing the Carbon 7's with electronics that a bit more linear or even forward by nature. Since you are looking at integrateds in the M3 range, I'd also suggest investigating the Naim XS integrated, the Bryston B100 integrated, or one of the more affordable Sim Audio pieces.

Good luck!