Integrated amp for Focal micro utopia be


I believe its time to move on from my great Peachtree Audio Nova, I love the sound-signature but its not detailed, powerful enough for the Utopia's.

I also have AV receiver so HT Bypass feature is more than welcome.

My source is PC + M2Tech Evo Hiface + Evo PS + WireWorld Starlight USB cable, Also have REL R528 subwoofer.

My Budget around 3000-4500$ .

Jeff Rowland match well with the Utopia.
I am driving my 1007 Be's with a Cary SLI-80F1 and it does a wonderful job. I certainly don't feel I am down on power.

I looked at a back-panel picture and noticed that the Peachtree has pre-out connectors. Couldn't you simply use those to drive a more powerful amp section?

You might want to consider auditioning a Butler Audio TDB-2250 power amp hooked up to the Peachtree - plenty of power with 250 Watts/ch. and it is a tube/MOSFET hybrid giving you, perhaps, the best of both worlds...$2995

I had the Mini Utopias and they worked very well with my MF NuVista M3; probably over powered for yours but smaller ones from MF should work.
I'd recommend Pass INT30A or INT150 used but no HT by pass.
I've run my MicroBe with a Musical Fidelity A5 for a while and, indeed, it was a good and well balanced combination. Then, I moved to an Accuphase E-550 integrated (30 class A watts in 8 ohm). The combinations is marvelous.
I've used a krell 400xi on my micro utopia be speakers for over 4 years with excellent results. Wired all the way around by nordost.