Integrated amp for efficient speakers

I am looking for an Integrated amp in the $1000 range to push efficient speakers (8 ohm). Considering YBA, Cayin, Sim Audio, Rogue Tempest, etc... Cayin seems to garner good reviews and satisfaction but the downside is hard to bias. I don't like a cool thin sounding amp but like neutral to warm with no listener fatigue. Right now I have Tyler Acoustic System 2's but will be selling those and going with a floor standing monitor like Ty's D3's with a sub or a high efficient floor standing full range (8 ohm). I have gravitated toward tubes the last couple of years for obvious reasons but not ruling out solid state integrated amps.
Take a look at the Primaluna PL2, lots of tubes choices and a very nice sound.
Heavily 2nd the PL2-great unit!
The PL2 doesn't have remote right? Just the Dialogue?
Music Hall, class A rated nice DAC built in.
You are correct. The prologue integrateds do not come with a remote and the Dialogues do (I might add the remotes for the Dialogue are awesome weighing in at a pound and a half or so.)
the very cool Peachtree audio integrated with a built in DAC, it sounds great.
I'm a dealer for Cayin. The 50T, 70T and 100T are very easy to bias. It is all done from the top of the chassis (no need to go into the circuit like the 88T). They do not sound cool and thin. They are also not overly rich. They are very musical with a high degree of transparency and resolution.
Pathos might be worth a look.
Which Cayin is the sweetest sounding? 50T, 60T, or 70T? I also see the 30 with the Busy Bee mods.

I am using a Cayin TA 30 with my new speakers,
Cardersound Madison's with excellent results.
It is the Bizzy Bee modded version. I love it
because it sounds great, is dead quite, (96 db) and
it a tube rollers dream due to the super easy biasing.
The 50T is the warmest sounding. The 70T is a bit more open (more spacious stage), transparent and dynamic.

I owned the 88AT with Audio Physics Yara and I loved it. Beware of grey market models though.
Bkonig is the 60t about the same at the 70t?
I'm not familiar with the 60T. It looks to be a 50T with a different tube compliment.
You can e-mail me directly if you have any other questions.
Gray market Cayins? How do you spot one?
I have the Tyler D3s which sound superb and recently upgraded to the Bel Canto 300i. The system is so easy to listen to.It just fills the room with music. I thought that I wanted a tube sound but the sound is neutral in the best sense unlike colder solid-state amps. Another plus for me is the built-in DAC.