Integrated amp for Eben X3

Hello, I just bought a pair of Eben X3 speakers. I listen mostly to jazz and classical music. I am now looking for an integrated amplifier for them. I wonder if the following amplifiers will be a good match.
Lindemann 882
Goldmund Telos 390
Chapter Audio

Anyone listen to theese amplifiers? Would appreciate your experience.

Best regards
I own several Goldmund pieces. They are wonderful.
I have no experience with your other choices. I have only good things to say about Goldmund sound. Peterh
A number of years back at CES, the Eben X-Centric speakers (from the same line as the X3), were driven by Chapter. It worked very well. It was my first exposure to both brands. Since then, I've had some experience with Eben speakers and have also become a Chapter dealer. The new Chapter gear is definitely a step up and I think the match would be excellent with the X3's. Nice speakers! Good luck.
Are you open to more suggestions? or you are limited to the brands listed? i dont have much experience with them.